Linux Mint Virtual Machine Install

Linux Mint is the preferred distribution and the operating system used in the Computer Science Linux labs.  

  • A) On Any platform(Mac, PC, even Linux itself): You can use VirtualBox to create a virtual machine on your system that runs GNU/Linux. Here is a tutorial. When installing on Mac OSX you may need to follow these extra installation instructions for High Sierra or above
    • Summary of steps here:
    • Install Virtualbox
    • Install a VM for Linux Mint by downloading a pre-built ova(Oracle Virtual Appliance) disk image made by JMU UUG for CS classes  download the appropriate semester fa19 = fall 2019, then double click this ova to import it into virtualbox.
    • To get the JGrasp that is installed working from a Terminal type this command:  sudo apt-get install lsb-core
    • If you install the UUG ova You will then need to bring up the VM and run the JMU configuration and load both the CS101 and CS149 configs (JGrasp and Dr Java are installed through these as well as meld, Eclipse and a few other utilities needed for CS149).  
  • OR B) Installing from scratch(not recommended)
    • Otherwise, if you install your own VM from scratch, you'll need to download Linux mint install files  follow this install video
    • install OpenJDK Java
    • After this you can follow these instructions for installing JGrasp on Linux Mint:
      • Go to download main jgrasp for linux mint zip file. 
      • Install in your profile home directory then do a sudo apt-get install lsb-core from a terminal window to get the Run builder working

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