This is the website for the Spring 2024 offering of CS149 (Intro to Programming Fundamentals) at James Madison University. Specifically, this is the website for section taught by Alvin Chao


In person TA support TAs are available in King ISAT/CS room 248 for in-person support at the following times: Sunday 3 pm - 9 pm Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 5 pm - 9 in person, 9-11 pm online Wednesday 6 pm - 9 pm in person then online 9-11pm TA Hours 9 pm to 11 pm via Microsoft Teams(See Canvas for links) TAs are available for virtual online support from 9 pm to 11 pm Sunday through Thursday.

Week 6

  • Tue Feb 20 11pm

    • Chp 5 Reading[Canvas/Zybook]
  • Wed Feb 21 11pm

    • Chap 5 HW[Canvas/Gradescope]
  • Thu Feb 22 8am

    • Actual Quiz 2[In class - Canvas/Gradescope]

Week 5

  • Tue Feb 13 11pm

    • Chp 4 Reading[Canvas/Zybook]
  • Wed Feb 14 11pm

    • Chap 4 HW[Canvas/Gradescope]
  • Thu Feb 15 8am

    • Practice Quiz 2[In class - Canvas/Gradescope]

Week 4

  • Tue Feb 5 11pm

    • NO CLASS TUES - Assessment Day
    • Chp 3 Reading[Canvas/Zybook]
  • Wed Feb 6 11pm

    • Chap 3 HW[Canvas/Gradescope]
  • Thu Feb 7 8am

    • ActualQuiz 1[In class - Canvas/Gradescope]

Week 3

  • Tue Jan 30 11pm

    • Chp2 Reading[Canvas/Zybook]
  • Wed Jan 31 11pm

    • Chap 2 HW[Canvas/Gradescope]
  • Thu Feb 1 8am

    • Practice Quiz 1[In class - Canvas/Gradescope]

Week 2

  • Fri Jan 26 11pm

    • Lab 4[Canvas]
    • piazza word[canvas]
  • Tue Jan 30 11pm

    • Chp2 Reading[Canvas/Zybook]
  • Wed Jan 31 11pm

    • Chap 2 HW[Canvas/Gradescope]

Week 1

  • THU Jan 18 8am

    • [CANVAS] Course Intro Survey
    • Purchase book through Buy Book assignment link.
  • FRI Jan 19 11pm

    • Lab 2[Canvas/Gradescope]
  • Tue Jan 23 11pm

    • Chp1.2-1.8 Reading[Zybook]
  • Wed Jan 24 11pm

    • Chap 1 HW[Canvas/Gradescope]
    • Lab 3[canvas]

The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class meets in person. Please visit the calendar for the week-to-week assignments. 

My Office Locations

Office hours (KING  248):  Tues 9:15-9:45
Thu  9:15-9:45

You may schedule an appointment for other times that are not listed to visit my Massanutten 167 office(540)-568-6206 or online via Zoom.

Please use the links to the left to navigate the website. Important announcements will be posted on this front page. Other course content will appear on the subpages linked above. Please check this website (especially the front page and calendar) regularly for updates. 


This semester, we will be using Piazza for class discussions. If you have a question that may be of general interest to your fellow students, please post it on Piazza rather than emailing me directly. This allows others to answer your question or benefit from my answer. I will check the Piazza forum regularly and respond as quickly as I can. To access Piazza, log into Canvas and click the "Piazza" link in the navigation bar on the left. 

Class grades will be accessible via Canvas, and online quizzes will be administered using Canvas as well. 


 Other resources: